12 June 2007

leaving Budapest in the morning

Ok so here I am again. I guess you think you are pretty special getting posts two nights in a row, now. Anyway, we are in a Youth Hostel about 1000 metres from our hotel and they have free Internet! Woohoo. I am using a unikey board, which has letters I am not familiar with.

Today, we had a 4 hour tour to the Hungarian Parlament, the old castle, and the squares. It is still really hot here. I remember the last trip to the East Coast and I thought that was hot. Ugh. It rained the day we rode the bus in Poland, but not since. We had some free time today and Alynne both got a really bad exchange rate! 150 to 1 was the rate they got but Citibank downtown gave us 192! Ooops. ű

The food here is heaven. Today Devon had Ghoulash, Chicken Paprika with gnocchi, and Crepes. Tomorrow we are off to Vienna, Austria. It is only about 200 miles away.

The Georgia girls leave tomorrow at 330AM, and they flí through Chicago. Glad I am not them. The kids have not been online much but I share the comments with them when I read them. Including Doug's kitty being sad because he's not there.


Leslie said...

You are spoiling us with pictures & updates! THANK YOU! Please let Doug know how sorry I am for giving him crap about those sunglasses - they were a smart buy and I appreciate them every time I try to locate him in a group photo. :-) It would be nice if Blake would get visible - it's kind like "Where's Waldo" trying to find him! Have a fabulous night and continued safe travel!

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned the pure jealousy I have for all of you who went to Germany? (Europe in general, but there specifically)

Enjoy the rest of the trip!