01 June 2007

Stuff to pack

As I go from graduation party to graduation party, I am realizing I teach a bunch of desert rats! Kids who've never lived anywhere else, and don't own raincoats. It rains in Europe. I recommend some sort of raingear. I have a zip up hooded windbreaker that is waterproof. I love it because it rolls down very small but it's also weather proof and warmish. I don't know what Central Europe is like in June, but I bet it's between 50-80 and may rain. One thing I made sure to do was buy waterproof boots when I replaced my old ones this year.

What else should you bring? Passports! Credit cards, Security Pouch! Anqi asked if she should bring any dollars. I said it wouldn't hurt to have a few to change when we hit Europe. It might be nice to get a drink and some food in Heathrow. Remember, NOT all our countries take Euros, so don't just run and get them.

Also, our tour director, ALBA, has contacted me. She seems very with it and preplanning, like Donna does. She said she will meet us the evening we arrive and we'll have some free time the next day as well. She has several things for us to see through Berlin, and I bet day three we head east. *IF* I have time, I will post a day by day here, but we will see.

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Anonymous said...

If you guys are really curious about the weather options, weather.com does a 10 day forecast for each city. For example Vienna shows 78 degrees and light rain for the next few days.